Zero Cool is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


Under the rusted roofs of Rio’s ruins, a dust covered toddler with endless energy named Musaazi Zelev lost himself in his first video game and saw into his future.

A life that would grow him into a tech prodigy, a phenom hacker, and finally a famed pro gamer under the mnemonic moniker of ZeroCool. With success at his fingertips, ZeroCool’s newfound wealth feeds his impoverished friends and family, while his insatiable ego over-eats off the super-sized celebrity. Armed with self-designed augments, looking for a new game to dominate, the outspoken teenager wants more. And he’ll find it at the Bleeding Edge.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
Arcade Gun
Shoot baddies. Pew pew!
Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.
Upward air boost. Costs stamina.
Defrag (Passive)
Life rapidly regenerates while not in combat.


Image Name Description
Drop an impassable wall. Does not block attacks or projectiles.
A continuous healing beam whose power diminishes while active, and recharges while inactive.
Deploy a bot to follow an ally. Auto-fires and can see through stealth.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
1 UP
1 UP
For a short time, the targeted ally will immediately return to life if killed. CD: 2:36
Upgrade Protection
Upgrade Protection
Temporarily increase armour of all nearby allies. CD: 1:54

Mods Edit

Full article: Mods

Speed RunDmg HaxHeal BotAim BotPower SupplyKiller AppQuad CoreExtension CableDual BusFree CreditLong LifeSurge ProtectionAdvanced CoverageAdvanced SecurityOptimizerScheduled TaskTitanium CaseSpammerOverclockedAdvanced Config



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