Power Collection is a gamemode available in Bleeding Edge.

Gameplay Edit

Power Collection requires teams to gather Cells and deposit them at Capture Points. Cells need to have their container broken before they can be collected. Said container has 100hp. Capture Points are in the same locations as Objectives in Objective Control. Players can carry an unlimited amount of cells, though it is best to split them between each other. Cells you are carrying will be dropped upon death. 10 cells when dropped will turn into 1 blue cell. Though the value is still 10 cells. There are two phases, collection & delivery. Both phases last 1 minute 25 seconds.

During the collection phase 15 Cells spawn on the map at random, pre-defined, locations.The first collection phase starts after 5 seconds, then 10 on subsequent phases. Once the timer runs out or all Cells are collected it moves on to the delivery phase.

During the delivery phase 1 to 2 capture points open up after 25 seconds. Once open, players can deposit their cells by standing on the point and filling the delivery bar. All cells are deposited at once, rather than over time. Once all cells are deposited or time runs out it loops back to the collection phase.
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