Objective Control is a gamemode available in Bleeding Edge.

Objective Control Edit

Objective Control requires teams to capture and defend objectives. Objective points are in the same locations as Capture Points in Power Collection. The Objectives on Aqueducts are special in that A & B circle around the map.

Objective points take 2 seconds to capture from neutral, 4 seconds under enemy control. Objectives open up after 25 seconds initially and then 20 seconds after each objective rotation. Objectives stay open for 1 minute 20 seconds before they close and rotate. 1 to 3 objectives can be open at a time. Each objective earns the team it belongs to 1 point per second.

Daemon, Maeve, & Players cloaked by Stalker can capture points while invisible. Points can not be captured and become contested when both teams are standing on it.
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