Nidhoggr is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


When a musically gifted child named Steiner Foss grew tired of classical music and the world around, his sombre state would guide him to greatness.

At an accidental discovery of an illegal concert, buried deep under a rotting cannery district in a corner of Norway, the young Steiner became beautifully horrified. It was here that his journey to international fame and success would begin, as the Death Metal icon now known as Níðhöggr. Now a modified man, rich in anti-authoritative motives, this beacon of blackness and musically driven augmentations bombards the ears of the world with the anthems of empirical end.

Basic Abilities

Name Description
Axe Hack and slash enemies with your guitar.
Shredder Charge and release static energy that bounces between enemies.
Evade Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.

Feedback Axe attacks against burning enemies grant lifesteal.


Image Name Description
Leave a trail of fire that causes enemies to burn.
Fire Breath
Fire Breath
Breathe a cone of fire, burning enemies and causing heavy damage.
Throw your guitar to slow enemies. If it hits them on the return, they are stunned instead.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Death Growl Death Growl Silence all nearby enemies with a deafening roar. CD: 2:38
Ride The Lightning Ride The Lightning Stun all surrounding enemies with an epic guitar solo. CD: 2:09


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