Mekko is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


Once upon a time in 2045, a baby dolphin named Mekko was born. Cuter than a billion buttons, the bright eyed and split tailed mini-mammal had a whole life ahead of him.

A life of captivity and torture, as living property of a devious corporation, being slowly modified into a biological sonic weapon, the sole survivor of binary communication experimentation, to cause destruction and agony as his sole purpose in life… just like the rest of the oceanic experiments encaged around him. Yay!

Mekko was doomed. Why Mekko? Mekko mad. BAD HUMANS! But not all humans are evil, and the Bleeding Edge would prove true. They would rescue the marinated chatterbox and shut down all the psychotic aquatic bionic operations.

But Mekko confused. Mekko HATE the humans. But new humans are… family.

So while this odd pod of misfits sought similar vengeance on H.A., Mekko’s new life of trash-talking and crab-walking would begin.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
Sonar Gun Continuously fire on enemies.
Bubble Block Protect yourself with a bubble shield. Absorbed damage feeds the Power Orbs passive.
Power Orbs Mekko Power Orbs Absorbing damage with Bubble Block generates Power Orbs. Expend Orbs while casting specials for extra effects.


Image Name Description Damage Cooldowns
Connect a lifeline to an ally. Mekko takes a percentage of their incoming damage. Activate again to wind the ally in.
Power Orbs Mekko Power Orbs: Grant the target a shield.
Safety Zone
Safety Zone
Mark out a Safety Zone that grants Mekko and his allies armor and lifesteal.
Power Orbs Mekko Power Orbs: Reduces healing received for enemies inside the area.
Surge forwards, knocking enemies in your path.
Power Orbs Mekko Power Orbs: Also generate life while traveling.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Sonic Barrage Sonic Barrage Barrage enemies with sonic blasts, dealing heavy damage and pushing them back.
Exclusion Bubble Exclusion Bubble Traps an enemy inside a bubble. Bubbled enemies cannot take damage, but their team can destroy the bubble.

Mods Edit

High TideSlipperySurge ProtectionCoolHeadedDownstreamBrimmingLong WatchOverflowFloatiesSurface TensionLong-WindedUltrasoundPressure ValveLife BouyLong LineSealed LeakBubbled UpShipwreckerSwellQuick Save



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