Makutu is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


As the only child of his mum’s second marriage and the youngest of 7 step brothers and sisters, Makutu always felt a little bit left out. Not because they didn’t love him to bits, but because while they were all tall, strong and athletic, he was so very small.

He loved to train in meditation with his dad, and he could school them all at fighting games or ping-pong, but all he really wanted was to be big, and tough, and play rugby, like his siblings. So at age 16, with the support of his family Makutu underwent augmentation. Makutu loved his new body. He felt like it finally matched his inner self. He’d go to the gym to pump iron, help out in the community, and of course, play rugby. But he always felt himself holding back, worried about hurting his friends or teammates. He needed a new way to test himself. A place to unleash his full unbridled strength.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
Slap 'Em Good! Battle enemies in hand-to-hand combat.
Evade Each combo input can be held for extended slaps and special punches.
Toggle Stance Pepeke Stance: Increase movement speed.

Ora Stance: Constantly regenerate health.


Image Name Description
Charge into enemies, dealing damage and carrying them away.
Pepeke Stance: Cleanse self and nearby allies, and provide a speed boost.

Ora Stance: Heal self and nearby allies.

Create a burst of energy that pushes enemies away.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Can't Touch Us! Can't Touch Us Make yourself and nearby allies temporarily invulnerable. CD: 2:28
Katamaori Katamaori Roll into a ball and barrel through enemies, knocking them away. CD: 1:38

Mods Edit

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