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Maeve is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge. A mild-mannered Irish grandmother, she has always been fascinated since birth by the natural and the supernatural, especially that beauty and folklore of her idyllic Irish countryside that she never left. As she lived a full and wholesome life as a teacher, mother and eventual grandmother, her mind never wandered far from images of faeries and magic and especially witches. Eventually, in her advanced age as a wheelchair-bound widow suffering from depression, one of her grandchildren - gifted in modern science and engineering - gave her a floating bauble that granted her the power of kinesis, to freely move around. Finally inspired to live her dream, she stylized herself as a modern witch and travelled the world, eventually settling in with the "Bleeding Edge" gang, whom she sees as the bright light in the darkness that can save and protect the peace, beauty and nature of the world.


In the hills of County Wicklow, in 1975,
Little Maevey Murphy, first opened emerald eyes.
She saw the shape of parents, beaming Irish pride.
"Hello bewitching beauty. This is your new life."

That little baby Maevey, would soon learn to crawl.
No hill was too rolly, no grass was too tall.
And once she could walk, curious legs would soon take her,
To all of the corners, to all of the nature.

Amidst all the greenery Maevey would grow,
With cats, and bats, and moths, and crows.
She'd watch how the wind could give life to the trees,
And watch the bloomed flowers, bring forth the bees.

She'd watch as the moon would brew up a wave.
She'd watch without blinking, till night turned to day.
She'd get lost in the simple, for all seemed so galactic,
This small world spun a seeming ball of magic.

Her spirit grew strong, among twisted trees,
She loved this land, how it made her feel free
How it gave her life, and her playful nature,

For this land, she knew, had surely made her.

Those interests grew, as did her wonder,
Which led her down paths as yet undiscovered
"Ireland, Ireland, What made you?" she wanted to ask
So she studied the books on mythological past.

The fairies, the warlocks, the witches and more.
She became enchanted by her homeland folklore.
But the stories of witches were her favorite of all,
Of entrancing women who refused to conform.

And as she learned, she aged, and fell,
In love with a man, for an enchanting spell.
With him they'd make magic, and conjure up kids,
A clan of her own, a family of bliss

She'd be a teacher, in schools she attended.
She'd teach kids that nature is always respected.
Her children departed, to live lives of their own,
But she would stay put, not once leaving home.

And as twilight years slowly, and surely took hold,
She remembered the old days, before she got old.
Little Maeve Murphy lived to simply explore,
To learn from this world, and to grow into more

And Maeve would succumb to a wheelchair in time.
And then sadly after her husband's demise,
Came depression, the most lonely of curses,
And no spell would free her. No infinite verses.

But magic was summoned by Maevey before,
Her children, who made children, who made robots, and more.
And a grandchild delivered, an invention of bliss,
A hovering bauble, granting kinesis.

Now there was the world, just waiting, right there,
Built to be wandered, like Young Maevey dared.
With a wave of a wand, and a kiss to her clan,
She departed her homeland, with no certain plan

She would float on her bauble of hovering bliss,
Across all the places she had previously missed.
She would see how the earth was living enslaved,
She would see how the people were living depraved.

She sought greater purpose, a mission of kindness,
To fight for this world. Free society's blindness.
She'd seek others who wandered, down similar paths,
And stop those who oppose her, with mystical wrath.

Now, witch Maeve Murphy, lived life on a pledge.
To seek the magic,
To save this world,
To find the Bleeding Edge

-- by unknown author


Basic Abilities[]

Name Description
<Attack> (Hold)

Zap bolts of energy from your electrified fingertips.

Maeve's basic ranged attack.

<Evade> + Move

Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.

Maeve has two stamina charges.

Parry <Evade> (While still)

Deflects an enemy's attack when well timed.

Parry costs no stamina to perform. Parry stops one incoming melee attack.


Landing a killing blow instantly resets all special cooldowns.

An icon of a purple stopwatch appears above Maeve's head as visual indication of Schadenfreude triggering.


Image Name Description Cooldown
Trap an enemy.

Maeve drops an oversized birdcage atop a single enemy's head, physically trapping them in place for about 1 second (default). The victim can move in a very tight circle inside the cage and can still perform all actions available to them. Cage does not apply immediately - it has a split-second telegraph of a circle appearing beneath the target's feet before the cage actually comes down; with proper timing, an enemy can Evade the cage and escape capture.

12 sec
Disappear and become invulnerable for a short time.

Maeve disappears in a puff of purple smoke, entering stealth and rendering her invulnerable and untargetable for the next 2 seconds (default). Maeve and her allies view her as a glimmering purple silhouette, but to the enemy team, she is invisible. Attacking with Zap!, using any special or super, or mounting up will break Vanish and put it on cooldown; using Evade does not break the spell. Vanish's stealth is not perfect - keen eyes can spot Maeve's shadow on the ground.

25 sec
Siphon Life.png
Siphon Life
Channel an energy beam that steals life.

The beam is channeled for about 4 seconds (default). As Siphon Life is attached, the enemy takes damage-over-time while Maeve heals-over-time simultaneously; it is roughly a 2:1 ratio of damage to healing, by default. Siphon Life ticks multiple times per second, faster than most damage-over-time effects. While Siphon Life is active, Maeve does not flinch from basic attacks. Maeve can walk and jump while Siphon Life is active; performing an Evade or going beyond the special's max range breaks the beam and ends the special early. If Maeve breaks line of sight (LOS) of her target while Siphon Life is active (e.g. she walks behind a physical wall), the special will still be active and aimed at its target but will have no effect until she reestablishes LOS.

8 sec


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Enter your cauldron and teleport to any enemy visible on the minimap, stunning them on arrival.

Peek-A-Brew! is a global super. An enemy must be visible to any allied source of vision in order to be a valid target for this super. While holding <Super>, Maeve can cycle between any valid enemy target. When activated, Maeve disappears from her spot and reappears 1 second later in the enemy's face in a small AoE explosion that does damage and stuns all enemies in range for about 1 second (default).

CD: 2:28
Toil and Trouble.png
Toil and Trouble
Summon a ball of energy that explodes on contact, with spectacular damage.

Maeve targets an enemy at range and begins incanting a large spell for 2 seconds. An enemy will know they are targeted when they see a large skull targeting icon at their feet. Maeve can cancel this cast early before throwing the attack by using Evade, whereupon the super will not go on cooldown; once the cancel window ends, Maeve must commit to the cast. If Maeve flinches for any reason during casting, Toil and Trouble will go on an internal 8 second cooldown before it will be ready to cast again. Once the cast completes, Maeve launches a enormous energy ball that slowly chases the enemy. When it makes contact, whether with the target or an obstacle, it explodes in an AoE blast for monstrous damage and knockdown against anyone in range.

CD: 2:08


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General Strategy[]

"A ranged caster who can trap enemies. Best used by advanced players who can exploit her ability resets."

Maeve is a ranged cannon of an executioner, capable of explosive long-ranged damage and with a number of witchy tricks to protect herself, cause havoc, and secure kills.

Securing kills is especially important for the Irish grandmother, as it all ties to her Schadenfreude passive, which resets the cooldowns on all her specials when she scores a killing blow. Most of her arsenal of spells have hefty cooldowns, and if she is not triggering Schadenfreude, she is not fighting at her full potential. For this reason, as previously mentioned, she is best served as an executioner, committing to an offensive with her team but saving her spells when she is certain she can score a kill, if not a killing blow, or otherwise needs to ensure an escape if things go bad. Secure a kill, reset all cooldowns with Schadenfreude, and do it again: that's how Maeve gets the job done.

Zap! provides consistent ranged damage, but the real breadwinner for damage is Siphon Life: not only does it deal exceptional damage and heals Maeve at the same time, but it deals a large number of damage ticks per second, which helps ensure she can land a killing blow with it in between attacks from her allies. Cage is her single-target crowd control, cutting off an enemy trying to escape or at least hold them in place while the rest of her team pounces on her victim. The go-to tactic is to get an enemy to low health, trap them with Cage, then immediately hit them with Siphon Life to secure the kill before they can get away. With average stamina to go with it, Vanish is Maeve's panic button, turning her invincible and invisible so she can slip away from a bad situation; it has an especially long cooldown, so she should save it for when she's really in a bind. Her choice of supers depends a bit on her team cohesion. If she's with a well-coordinated team, Peek-A-Brew! is great for springing an ambush on an unsuspecting target with its global range and its stun. Outside of that, it serves its purpose of getting Maeve immediately into a fight and causing havoc for a bit. Even with that utility, it's difficult to ignore the sheer destructive power of Toil and Trouble, one of the single biggest nukes in the game; if there's any spell that can secure a killing blow (or two, or three, or four), it's Toil and Trouble.


  • When Maeve performs a neutral jump (a jump with no directional input), she clicks her heels.