Kulev is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


The eccentric Dr. Ignatius Wright was a renowned professor of history at Cambridge University.

Pushed by his passion in the culture of Voodoo, Dr. Wright would travel the world, absorbing the lore, perfecting the practices, and chasing immortality. And it worked, until age 126.

In accordance with Wright’s last Will and Testament, his subconscious was granted to friend and maverick computer scientist, Sterling Taylor, for experimentation. And it worked.

His soul was digitised, reborn into data, and configured into an oddity. An automated snake that clumsily parades the mummified cadaver of Dr. Wright to feign inconspicuousness. It did not work. Officially considered “deceased” and ejected from his lifetime employment with the university, Kulev now seeks the services of kindred spirit Daemon, to join their common forces and extend the life and plight of humanity.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
Acid Spit Spit acid at foes!
Evade Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.
Lucky Charm (Passive) Continuously heal nearby allies.


Image Name Description
Sacred Ground
Sacred Ground
Summon a ward that damages enemies, and heals allies, in an area.
Good Omen
Good Omen
Shield an ally. Double tap to cast on self.
Target takes increased damage from all sources.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Boon Boon Empower an ally with bonus damage, speed and defence. CD: 1:58
Bamboozle Bamboozle! Mind control an enemy, bending them to your will! CD: 2:33

Mods Edit

Full article: Mods

Power SpikeDisperal FieldMedicamentProlonged WardReinforced WardHeightened ToxicityHum-BugCurative CurseLingering CurseOmen of ZealOmen of VigourOmen of EnduranceBenedictionUnrelentingInfectious PowerAdamant FocusCynosureArousingInfluentialFortitude (Kulev)



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