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Gizmo is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge. Born in a small yet venerable mining town in the Australian Outback, her upbeat curiosity and technical genius were realized and fostered incredibly early. As a bright young sparkplug of an engineer and mechanic, she built her own robots and gadgets and cybernetics and even won competitions for them, all while still in grade school. Her potential for greatness quickly outstripped the means of her little desert home, and it wasn't long for her to realize this herself. Barely a teenager, she packed up and left home, eventually finding her way to New York. At just 16 years old, she found and fell in with the "Bleeding Edge" gang, a conclave of techheads, hackers and free thinkers who both shared and encouraged her passion and unbridled enthusiasm. It is here, amongst her dearest of friends - her new family - and in the heat of the fight clubs, that she intends to build her legend.


Hailing from an industrial mining town in New South Wales, Australia, Gizmo was a child prodigy and mechanical genius. She cobbled together her first robot from scrap and junk-tech before her 10th birthday, and by her early teens she was building black market cyberware and winning mech-fight contests before she was old enough to drive.

Determined to leave her small-town roots behind, Gizmo struck out to explore the world and along the route, she found her peers in the free hackers and gear-heads of Bleeding Edge.

Relishing the challenge of the arena, Gizmo used her skills to create a powerful mecha-suit for herself and a suite of fearsome weapons that let her control the battleground and hobble her challengers. Packing a whole lot of firepower in a small package, Gizmo's opponents underestimate her at their peril...

Previous version of biography:

On the edge of Australia, in a sweltering mining township, a father’s heart melted when young Molly Gibson was born.

He would call her Gizmo, and walk the earth for her, and she would follow each footstep. The happy and curious Molly would soon emulate his engineering and construction skills, scavenging junk-tech to invent and build endlessly, with sometimes silly but highly functional designs.

At 13 she would win a prestigious bot-battle competition, thanks to the Skeleton Key. And then came the self-augments, along with her Father’s unbreakable realisation: Gizmo was destined for greater things. And so he sent her to New York, the tech mecca, to build her legend and find the Bleeding Edge.


Basic Abilities[]

Name Description
GG Gun <Attack> (Hold)

Bolt gun whose fire rate increases over time.

Gizmo's basic ranged attack. From rest, the fire rate will cap at about 5 seconds, at which point, Gizmo will shout she's reached the limit. While not firing, the gun slowly winds down, bleeding rotation speed until it comes to a stop. The GG Gun's fire rate is tracked at all times, even while mounted, visible even in the gun's stored state by the rotating muzzle.

Evade <Evade> + Move

Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.

Gizmo has two stamina charges. Her first dash is a standing dash, and her second dash is a forward roll.

Parry <Evade> (While still)

Deflects an enemy's attack when well-timed.

Parry costs no stamina to perform. Parry will stop an incoming melee attack.


Image Name Description Cooldown
Manual Targetting

Throw a bomb that sucks enemies in.

If Gizmo is not locked onto a target, the targeter appears at her feet. If she is locked onto an enemy, the targeter appears at their feet. Gizmo throws a Sucka bomb in an arc with a travel time of about 1 second, regardless of distance. Upon impact, the Sucka bomb explodes in a large AoE that does damage and sucks all enemies hit by the bomb towards the center of the point of impact in a black hole effect.

11 sec
Deploy a turret that automatically fires at nearby enemies.

Gizmo places a T-RUT automated turret at her feet (she can adjust where it spawns relative to her, but it will always be at her feet). She cannot place a turret where it would not be on solid ground, i.e. in the air. She can deploy roughly as many turrets as she can carry, with a cooldown for each turret. By default, Gizmo carries two T-RUTs at a time, and each one has a natural lifespan of about 30 seconds (default) before it despawns. The T-RUT will automatically fire a steady stream of bolts at any enemy that enters its range. T-RUT has full 360° coverage. Each T-RUT has its own health and can be destroyed.

15 sec
Drop a jump pad that lasts a few seconds, and can be used by allies.

Gizmo drops a jump pad at her feet directly in front of her. The Bouncer becomes active immediately and lasts for about 3 seconds (default) before despawning. Stepping or jumping on a Bouncer gives Gizmo (or an ally) extreme height and slight forward momentum depending on from what angle she approaches the pad. She regains air control at the peak of the bounce. The bounce counts as a jump, so she can perform any action she could still otherwise perform in the air (GG Gun, Sucka, etc.).

15 sec


Image Name Description Cooldown
Rock-It!.png Rock-It! Ride a giant missile! The longer the ride, the bigger the bang. Press <Attack> to explode.

Gizmo spawns and mounts the Rock-It rocket and takes off while riding it. The rocket has a flight time of 10 seconds (default), during which it steadily builds more speed. Gizmo can turn the Rock-It while in flight and jump. While mounted, Gizmo gains the Unstoppable buff, making her immune to crowd control. When the Rock-It reaches its full flight timer, or if Gizmo crashes head-on into an enemy fighter or a physical obstacle, or if she detonates early with <Attack>, the warhead detonates in a wide AoE explosion for major damage (minimum 100 damage with zero flight time) and knockdown. The Rock-It's damage scales up the longer its flight time before detonation. Gizmo dismounts at the point of explosion.

CD: 1:29
Mini Mech.png Mini Mech Call in your mech suit, with extra armor and a flamethrower that burns enemies for a percentage of their max life.

When activated, Gizmo takes a 1 second windup before she summons and rides inside "Kitty," her oversized mech suit, for about 15 seconds (default). Kitty can run and jump, but it cannot Evade or Parry, nor is Kitty immune to all forms of crowd control. Kitty grants Gizmo armor worth 600 HP (default) and has two abilities in place of Gizmo's original kit, neither of which applies the standard movement penalty while using:

<Attack> (Hold): GG Gun. The GG Gun is always at max RPM.

<Special 1> (Hold): Flamethrower. Kitty spews a forward cone of fire that deals damage and inflicts burning, which deals damage-over-time as a percentage of the target's max health - similar to Nidhoggr. Kitty carries enough fuel to fire the flamethrower for about 6 seconds before running out. The GG Gun and the Flamethrower cannot be used simultaneously.

CD: 2:36


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General Strategy[]

"A long range gunner who utilizes turrets and gadgets to control the battlefield."

Gizmo, as a ranged damage dealer, is a one-girl machine gun nest. With the roaring fire of her bolt minigun revving up, flanked by turrets, dropping bombs, and even bouncing to safety when the time comes, the Australian gearhead shines when it comes to point control and suppressing fire, cutting down anyone who leaves her alone long enough and helping scare away anyone who tries to challenge her team's position, unless the enemy takes the effort to try and charge her nest directly. No matter what they try, this girl genius will be sure to make their lives hell for the effort.

Arguably Gizmo's main attraction is her primary weapon: the GG Gun itself. A bolt gun that ramps up its fire rate the longer she holds the trigger, this provides consistent long-range damage on anyone even vaguely in her area. As the gun spins up and puts more bolts downfield, her damage becomes incredibly difficult to ignore if not addressed, as an unharrassed Gizmo will cut down almost anyone given the opportunity. Between the nature of the GG Gun and her friendly T-RUT turrets to provide extra fire and protection in an area, combined with her average stamina, she strongly favors a stationary playstyle: get into position - preferably at elevation so she can fire down at her targets with minimal interruption, set up her turrets and spin up her gun, and get to work. She moves slower while firing, and the GG Gun is only really fearsome at top RPMs, so forcing her into a running gunfight is very annoying for her. She'll avoid moving if she doesn't have to. Outside of her gun, her Sucka bomb is just as crucial to master, providing good ranged AoE damage and crowd control to let her bunch up her targets, keep them from running away, or cause pursuers to trip if she drops it at her feet while on the run. The GG Gun and Sucka bomb will typically be the most reliable sources of her damage and how she controls much of her space. If the Aussie really needs to beat feet or otherwise just wants a quick and easy way to get to high ground, her Bouncer pad rounds out her kit and gives her (and her allies) the height and distance she needs to clear most ledges on her own, and many times, elevation is all she needs to escape to safety - or start firing her gun and dropping bombs all over again. Positioning is very important for her given her limited mobility, so making sure she's in the right place and ensuring she has at least one reliable escape route is crucial for survival.

Gizmo's supers let her choose how she wants to boost her firepower. The Rock-It! has her straddling an explosive warhead that grows in damage and speed the longer it flies; when set up properly, it becomes a powerful nuke that can turn a team fight on its head with its massive damage and knockdown, but by its very nature, it leaves her in relatively close proximity to her enemy(s), where she generally doesn't want to be. She'll use the Rock-It! if she wants to ensure a potential kill, provided she can zero in on a target at (possibly) extreme range. Alternatively, the Mini Mech provides more sustained, general purpose firepower and survivability. Mounting into her mech, "Kitty", gives Gizmo hefty armor, a max-RPM GG Gun, and a special flamethrower that spews fire all over her enemies for damage and an additional burning effect for %-health damage, great for melting bigger targets down, if not all targets. If Gizmo ever wants to experience what it feels like to be a close-to-mid range juggernaut, then strapping into her Mini Mech is the way to go.