Gizmo is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


On the edge of Australia, in a sweltering mining township, a father’s heart melted when young Molly Gibson was born.

He would call her Gizmo, and walk the earth for her, and she would follow each footstep. The happy and curious Molly would soon emulate his engineering and construction skills, scavenging junk-tech to invent and build endlessly, with sometimes silly but highly functional designs.

At 13 she would win a prestigious bot-battle competition, thanks to the Skeleton Key. And then came the self-augments, along with her Father’s unbreakable realisation: Gizmo was destined for greater things. And so he sent her to New York, the tech mecca, to build her legend and find the Bleeding Edge.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
GG Gun Bolt gun whose fire rate increases over time.
Evade Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.


Image Name Description
Throw a bomb that sucks enemies in.

Deploy a turret that automatically fires at nearby enemies.
Drop a jump pad that lasts a few seconds. Can also be used by allies.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Rock-It! Rock-It! Ride a giant missile, and detonate for an explosion of fireworks! CD: 1:29
Mini Mech Mini Mech Call in your mech suit with extra armour and a flamethrower. CD: 2:36

Mods Edit

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