Bleeding Edge Fist
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Emotes are a gameplay feature of Bleeding Edge. They allow Fighters to perform actions such as taunts or signals. They may be purchased with currency.

Emotes Edit

Fighter Emotes
Daemon Painter's TouchBowTop Rock
Gizmo Maxed OutAttention SoldierG'day MateRunning Man
Nidhoggr Throat SlitHead Banger
Maeve CurtsyEnchanting Jig
Cass Curtain CallFlappin'
Miko Stand StrongSaluteLet Me Take the Pain AwaySteppin'
Kulev You're Welcome SirZombie WaveRattle & Roll
Zero Cool GG-EZSaudeGunspinnerOoh, Can You Feel It?
El Bastardo Slice and DiceDanza del Bastardo
Buttercup Crush the CrankcaseMy Pleasure HoneyShimmy
Makutu Slappin' the PukuOver Here BroDon't be Such a SookLookin' Skux
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