El Bastardo is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


No one knows the dark past of the embittered, grim warrior called El Bastardo. Only fragments of this lone wolf’s story, half-truths and rumours, exist.

Some say he was the illegitimate son of a Cartel Sicario, others that he stalked Mexico’s underworld as a one-man vigilante militia, or that he was once a decorated soldier left for dead by his own commanders and is now out for revenge.

Only one thing is certain: those who cross him in the arena must face a lethal whirlwind of blades and an unstoppable fighter who acts without mercy.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
Machetes Hack enemies, stealing their energy for your Life Support backpack.
Evade Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.
Life Support (Passive) Provides protective shields. Powered up by basic attacks and the Empower special.


Image Name Description
Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith
Leap to a locked-on enemy, stunning them on impact.
Death Spiral
Death Spiral
Become a sword tornado!
Steal life from nearby enemies, granting energy to Life Support shields.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Unbreakable Unbreakable Cannot be killed for a short time. Dealing damage extends the duration. CD: 2:08
Overload Overload Your Life Support overloads, dealing constant damage to nearby enemies. CD: 2:38

Mods Edit

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