Daemon is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


Life packs punches. And native New Yorker Damon John Banks took a lot of hits.

Raised alone by a loving and artistic mom, Damon’s childhood would abandon him, when his mother died from corporate complications.

Under the new name Daemon, graffiti would be his guide, while the system would relentlessly oppose him. But the fight would give him purpose. He would become a gifted coder, a master of martial arts, and would seek redemption against a system and corporate society that failed him.

He would form a gang of digital misfits called the Bleeding Edge, and unleash the biggest corporate data breach in history. He had his taste of revenge, and now seeks redemption, as he builds an army of the augmented amidst the underworld fighting circuits.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
Graffiti Blade Slice through your enemies with speed and finesse.
Evade Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.
Wall Jump Boost off walls for extra height. Costs stamina.


Image Name Description
Surge forward quickly, and end with a powerful spinning slash.
Temporarily enter stealth. While stealthed: sleep an enemy.
Slow enemies, and drain their health.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Death Mark Death Mark Grants extra damage against your marked target. Killing them refreshes the super for a short time. CD: 1:58
Shadow Strike Shadow Strike Rapidly strike enemies in range for a percentage of their max life in damage. CD: 1:38

Mods Edit

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After EffectsWylin OutBracedAero DCripplerClingerFlyerOver DosedGhostin'Slickin'Trickin'VictimizeMan HuntBomb ItHaltingSharpened BladeFreeloaderBeefed UpFull TiltClippin'



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