Cass is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


A generational dancer from affluent Russian lineage, young Cassandra Lebedeva had a life unlimited. Inspired by a Mother’s muse, she grew into expectations as the world’s premiere ballerina phenom.

Despite the risks, her father sought to ensure success and administer unproven bio-tech advancement therapy within his company. His risk was rewarded, enhancing reflexes, agility and sensory processing within the 12-year-old girl.

Miracles unraveled until a single needle would rob young Cassandra, of life as she knew it, and the use of her legs. Cybernetic appendages would replace the paraplegia, but not the disdain, and now her secret was out.

The Russian Government would seize her as an asset, a weapon, to spend the next 14 years as a lethal operative for Russian intelligence. Her life was no longer hers, and when her Mother came to pass, she was given a gift of clarity. She would take back her stolen life, and flee to America, to find family within the Bleeding Edge.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

Name Description
Feathered Darts Throw a volley of darts at the enemy.
Evade Dodge out of harm’s way. Costs stamina.
Charge Jump Charge up then perform a huge jump.
Momentum (passive) Gain speed whilst running continuously.


Image Name Description
Dash through enemies in a line, dealing damage.
A powerful raking combo with no cooldown.
Leap backwards and unleash a fan of blades.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Dive Bomb Dive Bomb Take to the skies, relocate, then plummet down on unsuspecting enemies. CD: 2:28
Blade Dance Blade Dance Spin in a graceful pirouette, unleashing a flurry of damaging blades all around. CD: 1:48

Mods Edit

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Quick Recovery (Cass)Far-FlungSharpened TalonsRushBloodlustMaimingSteel CrestDeadly DanceBird of PreyFly Away BirdieDisorientationDefensive StrikePlainsrunnerQuick LeapPower PelletApex PredatorSurvival InstinctsAdrenaline RushBarbedSpring Loaded


  • Cass was named and designed after the Cassowary, a flightless bird native to the Australian continent and its nearby islands. Due to the vicious claws on their feet, they have a reputation for being dangerous to people and domesticated animals.



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