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Buttercup is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge.


As Angelica Butters soared through gridlock atop her motorcycle, the sassy Cajun knew she had found her calling. It was her 19th birthday, life was good, and also the last day she would walk again.

After the crash, life would change for the one they called Buttercup, but love would rule. The religious community that raised her, the biking community, and friends and family would rally around her. But she still couldn’t ride.

So when she learned of black market augmentations that could put her atop a chopper once again, she moved fast. But such augments were not accepted in the religious community, and so she fled atop her rubber wheel.

She would live life on the southern road, doing crime to survive, fighting the foolish to make money to advance her makeshift augments. When the Skeleton Key was released, her modifications blossomed, and she knew she had to meet the stranger in New York City who had released it.

Basic Abilities

Name Description
Saw Blades Slice through enemies with circular saw blades.
Launch Spin up the back wheel, then launch forward, collecting enemies with a shoulder barge.
Burl Move faster and regenerate health. Costs stamina.


Image Name Description Damage Cooldowns
Chain an enemy, and yank them back to you. 60 Dmg CD: 11 sec
Oil Slick
Oil Slick
Drop a puddle of oil that slows enemies. 50 Dmg CD: 12 sec
Whip Lash
Whip Lash
Unleash a flurry of whipping blades that damage all nearby enemies. 20 Dmg per hit / 8 hits per use CD: 6 sec


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Burnout Burnout An epic burnout that cause 200 damage and knocks enemies away. CD: 1:29
Turbo Charged Turbo Charged Temporarily increase damage by 25%, gives 50% lifesteal and 33% max health. CD: 1:58


Full article: Mods

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