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Buttercup is a Fighter featured in Bleeding Edge. A big-bodied, big-hearted Cajun motorcyle enthusiast with a religious background, she lost her legs in a vehicle accident. Falling into despair at the thought of never riding again, she discovered the world of black market cyberware, and with it, a way to ride in the saddle once again. She knew she couldn't return to her community for her choice, despite their previous unending support for her, so she was forced to leave home behind. Hitting the road, she became a drifter and one-woman biker outlaw, with a long rapsheet and numerous warrants out for her arrest. With the Skeleton Key's release and vastly more cybernetics on the black market, she turned herself into a true human motorcycle. She is one of the earliest known recruits to the "Bleeding Edge" gang, joining up and making her new home and family as thanks for helping her rediscover her passion when she thought it lost forever.


As Angelica Butters soared through gridlock atop her motorcycle, the sassy Cajun knew she had found her calling. It was her 19th birthday, life was good, and also the last day she would walk again.

After the crash, life would change for the one they called Buttercup, but love would rule. The religious community that raised her, the biking community, and friends and family would rally around her. But she still couldn’t ride.

So when she learned of black market augmentations that could put her atop a chopper once again, she moved fast. But such augments were not accepted in the religious community, and so she fled atop her rubber wheel.

She would live life on the southern road, doing crime to survive, fighting the foolish to make money to advance her makeshift augments. When the Skeleton Key was released, her modifications blossomed, and she knew she had to meet the stranger in New York City who had released it.


Basic Abilities[]

Name Description
Saw Blades <Attack> * 3

Slice through enemies with circular saw blades.

Buttercup's basic attack combo. A four-hit sequence spread across three attacks.

Launch <Attack> (Hold, then release)

Spin up the back wheel, then launch forward, collecting enemies with a shoulder barge. Longer charge gives more distance.

Holding <Attack> shows a purple arrow extending forward along the ground from Buttercup, growing longer as she charges the attack. Manually turn left or right while charging to aim. Release <Attack> to launch the set distance at high speed. Any enemy she runs into while charging is carried with her. At the end of her Launch, she automatically performs a slash attack. She can slightly turn during the launch itself. She will bonk her head if she runs into a wall, performing no attack and dealing no extra damage if she carried an opponent.

Burl <Evade> (Hold, while moving)

Move faster, and regenerate health. Costs stamina.

Buttercup cannot Evade or Parry (she has natural super armor and does not flinch against light attacks, even while mounted). Instead, she has one large stamina bar. While unmounted, holding <Evade> increases her speed and passively regenerates health while moving. A white line on her stamina bar near the lower end is the cutoff point where if she stops Burling or completely runs out of stamina, she is forced to wait until her stamina recharges past that line to Burl again. Beyond that, she can Burl as long as she has any stamina available above that cutoff.

Power Slide <Attack> (While moving, while mounted) (Unlisted)

While travelling in mounted mode, Buttercup can perform a power slide tackle, dealing damage and carrying any opponents she hits with her for a short distance, similar to Launch. Performing a Power Slide immediately dismounts her.


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Chain an enemy, and yank them back to you.

Buttercup throws a ranged chain attack at a targeted enemy that, if it connects, hooks them and pulls them back directly in front of her, on top of dealing nominal damage.

15 sec
Oil Slick.png
Oil Slick
Drop a puddle of oil that slows enemies.

Buttercup drops an AoE oil slick centered on herself that deals slight damage upon release and slows any enemies that come into contact with it for a few seconds.

12 sec
Whip Lash.png
Whip Lash
Unleash a flurry of whipping blades that damages all nearby enemies.

Buttercup whirls her chained saw blades around her in an AoE that deals consistent damage to all nearby enemies. She can freely move around while Whip Lash is active.

6 sec


Image Name Description Cooldowns
Burnout.png Burnout An epic burnout that damages enemies and knocks them away.

Buttercup performs a large single-hit AoE attack that deals heavy damage and immediately knocks away all nearby enemies.

CD: 1:29
Turbo Charged.png Turbo Charged Temporarily gain 25% damage, 50% lifesteal, and increase max life by 33%.

An install-type super, Buttercup activates a major powerup that lasts for several seconds.

CD: 1:58


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General Strategy[]

"A survivable front-liner who can pull enemies in and slash at them with her buzz-blades."

Buttercup is a big-body mobile tank who works well at disruption, area control and punching holes in enemy lines. With her Yank, Launch and Power Slide, she can bodily force enemies out of position or further punish an enemy already out of position. Yank, in particular, is a powerful tool to force an issue, hooking a target of opportunity into her team for them to pile on. Her Oil Slick further compounds the issue, serving as a major hassle in the middle of a pitched team fight or ensuring a snagged enemy doesn't get the chance to get away. Whip Lash serves much of a similar purpose as Oil Slick, replacing crowd control with AoE damage and letting her chip in to the overall damage her team does in a fight. If she needs to beat a retreat, Burl lets her duck out at speed and also recover some health in the process to keep her alive. The health regeneration from Burl is one of her only real means of mitigation or self-recovery, but she makes up for that by having the largest native health pool in the game (tied with Makutu). Both of her supers only exacerbate how much trouble she can make for an enemy team. Burnout is hard, albeit temporary, area denial with its large, damaging AoE knockback, good for cutting off an enemy's approach and even securing a kill if she needs to; Turbo Charged pushes her into overdrive and makes her even tougher in a pitched fight with boosted damage and health and the lifesteal to complement both.