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Boards are a gameplay feature of Bleeding Edge. They allow Fighters to quickly traverse maps in between engagements with other players. Each Fighter has a default board. Additional boards can be purchased with currency. They can also be customized through Paint, Stickers, and Trails.


Boards cannot be used by Maeve, Cass, Zero Cool, Buttercup, or Mekko.

Board Paint Jobs
Hover-X HazardPurple ZebraJungle NightsCity LightsCyber CatSlumber
The Knife ???
Surfboard ???
B20 ???
The Finch ???
RAG3 ???
The TX ???
The Macaw ???
Hovercruise ???
The Vac ???
FatBird ???
Wingz ???
Drag Racer ???
The Manta ???
The Beast ???